My writing, like my life, is a work in progress.

I am currently hard at work on a series of contemporary and almost-contemporary Christian novels intended to appeal to and speak to the hearts of those who are seeking for faith and those who are growing in their faith.

Throughout the series, there is an emphasis on recognising that the Bible is one all-encompassing story of God’s love for us and his pursuit of right relationship with us:

  • with God as initiator of that loving intimacy,
  • with Jesus as restorer,
  • and with the spirit of God as the empowerer and advocate of those of us who are in it.

The storylines minister God’s love to readers as they see persons like themselves seeking earthly love even as God is moving in their world changing hearts and lives through his unfathomable, boundless, heavenly love.

As compelling characters ride the earthly rollercoaster of seeking and finding, courting and wedding their life partner, they are also being sought, found, and invited into deeper intimacy with him whose call to repentance and faith is an offer of abundant love on earth and eternal love thereafter. They are called into a loving relationship of living in the glory for which they were created, in their journey on earth and forever thereafter.  

The stories embody the dual imperative of God: that we love him with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our minds, and with all our strength and that we love deeply on a human level as well. 

Some authors work on a series one novel at a time. It’s not that way for me. Because our present acts are rooted in our past and echoed in our future, I am conscious as I write a scene in any one novel of what occurred in that other set three years earlier and what will transpire in that one set fifteen or twenty years later. Scenes in any one novel are thus not snapshots of a particular time and place so much as frames from a verbal video of an ongoing flow of events.

Because of my process, my novels seem to be coming into the world not as single births but as sets of triplets or quadruplets. It looks like quadruplets will be ready for beta readers in the first half of 2016 and triplets about nine months later.

It’s all a bit complex and daunting — though quite beautiful in its own way — when you focus on it from a ‘down here’ perspective. It’s astonishing in its intensifying brightness and simplicity when you look up.


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