“You are the LORD, you alone.

You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and you preserve all of them; and the host of heaven worships you.  

Nehemiah 9: 6

Praying Hands with Border

This is the God I worship with every fiber of my being.

I write solely by his grace and solely to his glory.

I invite you to take a minute to pray to him as Christ taught us. 



Welcome to the online home of Christian novelist Linnie Peterson.

I’m blessed to have you stop by and I hope something here blesses you back. May God watch over you on your journey.

I am an active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and Canadian Authors Association working on a series of contemporary and not-quite-contemporary novels about our search for earthly love and our longing to live fully awash in God’s tsunami of heavenly love.

I am also that sweet old lady down the street who spends too much time with her cats. You know the one. Does not get out much. Only leaves her babies to go to church or to shop for necessities. Okay, but God is healing me of my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, so that is less true with each passing day.

I live an hour north of Toronto, Canada, with three cats. The two I’ve had the longest, I call ‘the twins’. Both black and white, this pair are as close, as inseparable and as alike in many ways as twins. My six-year-old Blanket is the Schwarzenegger which makes five-year-old Sunbeam the deVito. Blankie looks like he tried to drink a saucer of liquid paper. Beamer looks like somebody dipped the tip of her tail in it.

In the yard, Blanket is a massive tuxedo-patterned lightning streak of fluff with a  ostrich-plume tail racing to catch up. Part Norwegian forest cat, he is a wild-eyed, long-haired match for any cat, dog, raccoon, skunk, oppossum, hawk, owl or squirrel he’s ever met. He has the most loving heart, though. Hyper-enthusiastically affectionate, he head-butts me until I check myself over for bruises and kneads my arms and tummy until they are seldom without an abundance of scratches.


My sleek, short-haired, almost-voiceless Sunbeam is a bicolor girl whose coat pattern is much like a killer whale’s markings. A tiny thing, she is even more self-assured than Blankie. That is because when she came to our home — so small at age four months that she fit in my hand and was slated for euthanasia due to a failure to thrive — big, goofy, rambunctious, year-old Blankie adopted her as his kitten and raised her to believe she too could take on the world. My big old darling washed her, taught her how to play, took her for little walks, and taught her to stand up for her wee self with anyone. He would get her truly irritated, ‘fight off’ her frustrated attacks, ‘lose’ badly, roll over in ‘submission’, and continue to be ‘frightened’ of her for the next few hours. It worked like a charm, as she’s the daintiest, darlingest, daringest little thug you could imagine.


These days, it seems, she even fancies herself a critic…

To this day, though, The Twins are inseparable. If one does go for a while, the other holds vigil or even goes searching to ensure the absent one is alright.

The Twins 2016

My third cat will be the subject of an occasional blog, under the caption:  The Book of Esther.
The blog aspect of this site is currently being:


Its various new pages should be up and running in about one-month intervals.

Other than the page you are reading now, the things to see here are / soon will be:



PHOTO CREDIT: ESA/Hubble & NASA   Cropped from image# potw1033a, this lovely shot of Messier16, the Eagle Nebula, was taken by the Hubble telescope 10 December 2010.  Click the image# to view the original high definition photograph.

.      American Christian Fiction Writers Association 



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